LS 300

A perfect solution for those who require low seat height
along with electrical features.


Leon Bak
Seat and back

Seat and back

The LS 300 comes with a unique seating system with many customization options and size variations. The upholstery are moisture and steam permeable, easily washable provide good comfort.


Head rest

Head rests come in different designs, both height and side adjustable.


Arm rests

Arm rests

Armrests in the same design as the seat give a harmonious look. They are additionally both height, depth and angle adjustable and appear as an integral part of the seat concept.
They can both follow the back movement or go parallel to the seat surface while adjusting the backrest.

Leg rests

Leg rests

The chair comes standard with a center-mounted foot rest that has both electric length and angular adjustment.
In addition, both manual and split supports are supplied.



Overall length with legrest: 1140 mm
Overall height: 1145 mm
Overall width: 630 mm
Folded length: 970 mm
Folded width: 630 mm
Seat height: 300-600mm
Seat plane angle: 0 – 15 °
Effective seat depth 500 mm
Seat surface height at front edge 410 – 850 mm
Back rest angle 2 – 47°
Backrest height 500 mm
Footrest to seat distance 390 – 535 mm
Leg to seat surface angle 13 – 65 °
Armrest to seat distance 200 mm
Front location of armrest structure 350 mm
Armrest length 420 mm
Horizontal location of axle 250 mm


Moisture and vapor permeable.




The foam structure in the seat unit provides optimum comfort and the upholstery is waterproof.


Med 4-veis stretch.

Leon bak
Leon bak
Leon bak

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